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Country: United States

Year: 2018

Category: Upcoming animated films,computer-animated films

Release Date: June 15, 2018

Director: Brad Bird

Produced by: John Walker, Nicole Paradis Grindle

Written by: Brad Bird

Based on: Characters by Brad Bird

Starring: Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner

Age Restriction: Kids and Family

Music by: Michael Giacchino

Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios, Motion Pictures

Production company: Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios

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Incredibles 2

4 Great Reasons To Watch Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated superhero film, and is the sequel to The Incredibles (2004). It is in production by Pixar Animation Studios and will be released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is being written and directed by Brad Bird, the first film's writer and director. Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, John Ratzenberger and Bird reprise their characters from the first film.

They are joined by Huck Milner and Jonathan Banks, in roles from the first film; with Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Sophia Bush and Isabella Rossellini, voicing new characters.

Incredibles 2 was originally scheduled for theatrical release on June 21, 2019. It was then moved up to June 15, 2018 and its former release date given to Toy Story 4, whose production was behind schedule.[24] On February 22, 2017, it was announced that Incredibles 2 would include an IMAX 3D release as part of Disney's new distribution deal with IMAX.

Incredibles 2 resumes where the first Incredibles film ends, with the introduction of the villain The Underminer (John Ratzenberger). The Parr family struggles to maintain normal lives while Helen (Holly Hunter), as Elastigirl, continues to fight crime and campaign for the return of "supers"; while Bob (Craig T. Nelson), AKA Mr. Incredible, stays at home caring for their children Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Huck Milner) and Jack-Jack, discovering the baby's secret powers in the process. The Parrs and their ally Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) find they must battle a new villain with a sinister plan

Incredibles 2 Development

Following The Incredibles, Brad Bird directed his next film for Pixar, Ratatouille, which was released in June 2007. Near its premiere, Bird said he was open to an idea of a sequel to The Incredibles, but only if it could be even better than the original. He stated, "I have pieces that I think are good, but I don't have them all together.

Incredibles 2 Full Movie Storyline

There is a long history of bad adaptations of video games to the cinema. Brad Peyton, director of the Incredibles film, said he recently learned of this alleged "curse" and spoke on the subject and what we can expect in his film. During his meeting with IGN, the creative said that one of his primary objectives is to make a movie entertaining and that he never lost sight of the original title.

"Incredibles 2" In a May 2013 interview, Bird reiterated his interest in a sequel: "I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have—because I love those characters, and love that world." He added: "I am stroking my chin and scratching my head. I have many, many elements that I think would work really well in another Incredibles film, and if I can get 'em to click all together, I would probably wanna do that.

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